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LIKEWOOD has been in the plastic extrusion moulding industry for over 20years. Our vast experience in a rapidly changing industry has made us the plastics experts we are today. Over last 15 years,LIKEWOOD has been conducting research and development with industry leading experts to uncover the challenges and successes in foamed PVC decking and profiles.

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Since it won't support moisture or mold, foamed PVC has an impossibly long life cycle, making it among the most sustainable materials available. Incredibly low maintenance, the use of LIKEWOOD products omits the need for harsh chemicals, greatly reducing VOCs. Plus, it is ideal for uses near water. LIKEWOOD deck will not ever absorb moisture, so pool decks, docks and marinas stay sturdy, smooth and safe for bare feet. We hope you enjoy learning about all the wonderful ways LIKEWOOD can turn your house into a home!

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